Vlog post on iphone.. 28 jan 2010 3 pm

Ok today i finished early on college which is really really rare because there are alot of work to be done right now i am on the bus and thinking what i should do when i arrive at home.. Even tho i’ve just got in the bus a moment ago..

Anyway today im kinda feeling good so i knda want to share this to my blog.. And i dont have anything amusing to do here at the bus.. And it takes 1 hr to go home from college which is a pain in the a**..

Oh and i have something good to share about my experience today which is about the college bus.. So there in the bus this mornin there is a guy (badass) playin loud music of MJ then since its so loud a guy (cooldude) from the 3rd row at his back told him to shut his music off.. Then the girl (longhair) who is at his front told him to let badass be.. So cooldude reasoned out to longhair so she would agree on what he wanted… Unluckily longhair is on a bad mood which makes thong complicated so from badass vs cooldude to longhair vs cool dude..

Iphone post

Jan27, Well im ok right now but last week is just catasthropic because of the child porn and such.. I hated child porn but wen sum1 send u link u cant just know whats in it until u ac2ally click the link…

Oh well thats last week this week is this week… What happened in this week is that i get over with that child porn incident and back on track.. Specially my focus on studies and ofcourse my personal life… I also got new hair cut too bad i cant post here my old and new hair cut… And also about my haur… One of My classm8 w/c is jenny is calling me furbie because of my hair thats probably i had a haircut..

What else… Currently my relation with my gf is pretty much ok except that she dont have time for me as usual.. I just cant be ok with it even tho from d start her 1st priority is studies… Its just that im so selfish when it comes to her.. But not overselfish tho… Anyway.. Other than that everything is ok.. I need to say sorry to her coz when she is ok am not ok anymore and the feeling of not being ok just affect my decision making and such… So until next time

CPD~ have a happy day Oh and sorry for the wrong spelling and such its because of the iphone keys.. Its to tiny and i have quite huge thumbs..

Who u r on the outside is not the same onthe inside